Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book in a braclet

I found these old pics while trying to find some very old work on my external hard drive. I utterly love experimenting with materials to see what comes about and this little collection was the result of one of those occasions. They are made using tiny stripes of text from a ancient German book I picked up in Amsterdam (According to a random pair of German girls I met it is archaic German, perhaps even a Shakespeare equivalent, that was before I processed to partially shred the book.) The writings will however now remain forever trapped inside double sided sticky back plastic (yes the kind that you tediously cover school books with). These tiny pieces were then one by one threaded in the hundreds on to jewellery wire.

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  1. hello miss charlotte! i remember these beautiful pieces...hard to believe time has passed so quickly! Your blog is so lovely!would love to meet for tea sometime soon!har xx