Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crafty Egg time...

I couldn't get over how quickly all the eggs sold out this year (I contributed to eating more than my fair share before Easter, how very bold!)
Anyway, I wanted to give something different this easter so came up with this egg box conversion.
I thought it made a nifty little gift.

1. Find an egg box and remove the label.
2. Buy, or alternatively create, some nice paper to use in replacement of the sticker. (I found this picture of Peter rabbit on the net, added the spotty background and made a simple repeat which I then printed out myself)
3. Cut a slot in the box for the ribbon to thread through. Or you could simply tie the ribbon around the box to secure the contents.
4. Add some nice shredded paper or perhaps some feathers as padding on the inside of the box.
5. Fill with some tasty eggs and hey presto!
(I couldn't find any attractive looking eggs but as an alternative idea, you could always fill with painted eggs, they make lovely decorations)

*Handed painted eggs courtesy of Sur La Table

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