Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Delightful Doilies!

My latest obsession is… doilies!

Granniesh, perhaps, but chic I say and look at all the different ways both paper and fabric doilies can be used!

This is a really simple idea but very effective. Why not spruce up tired pillows or cushions with doilies.

Cottage pillow by Octavi

Look at these gorgeous necklaces! I had originally thought that they were made from lace and resin but they are in fact etched glass, how pretty! They are made by Fox & Clover, check out there other jewellery.

Clutch and purse by Sew Lola.

Another piece of jewellery using doilies… this was an idea by Country Living.

Why not use paper doilies for art? I love it! (Especially with the small stitch detail)

These delicate illustrations are from a collection by Shuxin Liang.

I found this cute vase on Paper Mash. They used a recycled jar and doily.

MORNING IS THE PLACE FOR DEW - Upcycled Repurposed tiny lace doily dangle earrings from Glowstones.

These photographs are simply beautiful! Tidal Pool by Knitalatte.

This is possibly the most inventive use of doilies… frozen in water they make the most stunning decorations. How clever! These decorations are the brainchild ofResurrection Fern.

Tablecloth by Dottie Angel
Paint doilies with fabric stiffener and mould them around a bowl overnight to make this very elegant crochet bowl.

And last but not least one of my own pieces!


  1. Lovely roundup! And thanks for mentioning my shop. My favourites are the decorated paper doilies.

  2. i discovered some wonderful new doily artists.
    thanks so much

  3. I love the doilies and find unique beauty in this type of handicraft. I think doilies can make pretty
    wall decals Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.