Saturday, October 24, 2009

The delightful work of Esther Coombs

I wanted to share my discovery of … Esther Coombs. Her illustrative work is really stunning and I absolutely love her use of collage and her application of her drawings onto ceramics. Some people have a special skill when it comes to their use of line and Esther is one of these talented people. I saw her work in London and fell in love. I am determined to have a wall of plates one day when I have my own house (…sigh) and I think I will have to purchase one of Esther’s pieces to add to my expanding collection of plates. I also possess a rather large collection of tea cups and saucers (at some point I shall share some pictures of my treasures!) which I have been collecting for the last six years. I have always planned to do a series of decals to do my very own collection of ceramic drawings but Esther has really inspired me to hopefully get on with it! If you would like to own your very own Esther Coombs original check out her Etsy shop here.

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