Monday, October 5, 2009

Vintage Buttons

I was doing my usual trawl of the charity shops, looking for that special something and came across these little gems! They were hidden among the regular tat that you find in the jewellery section. The pearl buttons are actually blown glass and the eleven buttons came in this beautiful glass jar, all for €5! I’m not sure how well they would survive the washing machine so I’m thinking a nice brooch or added to a silk flower corsage….


  1. Hello!

    Wow, your blog is lovely, you've really made it your own!
    So jealous of those've got a charity shop shopping knack for sure.

    You're on my feed reader, can't wait for the next post - maybe at a more reasonable time - 4.45am!

    I'm not surprised.

  2. Hi Charlotte!
    Lovely to hear from you! Thanks for your tip, I'll check it out, I'm home this week so shopping will have to be done! Your blog is gorgeous but get some of your lovely work up here ;)