Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pristine Porcelain

I don’t think you can really go wrong with porcelain or white ceramic. It has a wonderful delicate property and of course co-ordinates with everything! I just noticed I actually own quite a few examples that I have collected over the years so I wanted to share them with you…I am terrible for collecting and hoarding things which I think will become apparent as this blog progresses!

Ceramic origami bird- Oxfam. I couldn’t resist this, so novel!Love BroochHeart with button (Glazed on reverse)
Heart shaped hanging decoration (I think they are meant to be Christmas decorations but I have them up all year long) I picked up the booch and the three hearts last year at the Crafts Fair in the RDS.


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  2. hi!

    so many lovely white things. imagine if you took a sample of all the ducky pink stuff you own. it would be a looooong post.

    i've joined the blogosphere!

    my address is

    it's just noodlings until i make some new work have a look!

    see you soon!